Teatronika : An interdisciplinary project about the role of robotics in society, arts and culture

Teatronika is an interdisciplinary project initiated by Martí Sánchez-Fibla (UPF) at the intersection between performing arts, theater, and robotics, which seeks to investigate and rethink the role of robotics in our society and in particular, in culture and arts.

One of the main practical aims is to create content, generate and develop software to produce performances and plays performed solely by robots / machines. To fulfill this purpose Teatronika organized a first edition of a short script contest back in 2015 for four robots with the support of Radio 3 and FECYT.

A jury including among others, Miquel Barceló, Ramón Lopez de Mantaras and Ricardo Iglesias, selected 10 winning scripts from 112 received. Four of the awarded scripts were then performed live with 4 NAO robots at the CCCB (November 2015).

Teatronika : The Book

The book has been auto-edited with the first edition of 50 copies. We are looking to better distribute it. If you are interested in having it write us an email:      teatronika@gmail.com

Teatronika has published a compilation book (ISBN 978-84-697-5916-5) of 130 pages and includes:

  • 4 essays by Miquel Barceló, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Ricardo Iglesias and Roc Parés.
  • 9 winning scripts of the 2015 script contest.
  • 1 research dossier by Beatriz Liebe and Martí Sánchez-Fibla

Teatronika : The Show

If interested in the show write an email to:      teatronika@gmail.com

Teatronika has produced a one hour show, presenting original pieces made in purpose for being performed by the robots. Robotic performances are in an experimental stage, thus the show mixes the robot performances and small interventions presenting thoughts and experiences around the themes of robotics, neuroscience, arts and culture.


The show has been presented in the following events:

One of the winning pieces of the 2015 edition won the second price in the short film contest ROS film festival (real robots category): “Un agujero en la Arena” de Hugo Álvarez. (see related article diario.es).


Featured Videos/Shows:

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Interactivity, Software and Control

For the realization of the show Teatronika has worked in a specific software for the robots and for the control, communication and expressivity among them. A tracking system informs the robots of the relative positions between them and the public’s situation. Robots can navigate freely to any position and can look and point naturally while talking because they know the position of others.


Teatronika : Project Credits

  • Idea and Realization: Martí Sánchez Fibla
  • Realization and Performance Director: Beatriz Liebe
  • Music, sound and image design: Sytse Wierenga
  • Scenography created by: Alex Escuredo
  • Robots: Capri, Dani, Xavi, Pri